Sunday, 12 June 2011

Card designs

Here are a couple of card designs I submitted to the two recent Tigerprint competions.

The brief for the 'Hand-Drawn' compeition was to create a hand-drawn design. I wasn't the above isn't the actual entry as I was not entirly happy with it. I chose to create valentines greeting card, drawing and cutting out all letters/elements, cutting them out and assmebling them on a separate piece of paper so that you get some nice shadows when the whole piece is scanned (a method I used on my 'This is for You' and 'Dear Princess' books). Considering the target audience (the M&S shopper) I decided to add some colour but the digital manipulation caused most of the shadows to be lost and, on reflection, I'm not happy with the colours I chose. I much prefer the design in black with with the shadows evoking memroies of old black and white romantic movies, echoing the sentiment.

For the 'Word-up' competion, the brief was to come up with a caption for a special occaision, eg. birthday, wedding, new baby, (I forget the rest). I chose anniversery - perhaps the caption is a little tepid...


  1. Excellent card designs. really good inspiration. i am so glad to find out our site immediately.