Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mission: Fail

Gah! Wouldn't you know it. Like a good girl, I planned things ahead for the Small Press Expo this Saturday. I got my batch of paper ready, found the paper that was just the right hue for the cover, had loads of spare ink cartridges on standby, but just as I was ready to print, THE DAMN PRINTER DIED ON ME!!! ARRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Alas, I guess it was the the printer's time. It served me faithfully for six years and yet I can't help thinking of all the late nights wasted on getting my new book done on time. Sigh... Too late to get a rush order on a new one I guess the new project will have to wait 'til May's MCM for its debut. Here's a sneak peak of what it looks like

I also planned to have a new print ready for Saturday but that isn't going to happen either now.
Hope to see you at the SP Expo anyway
It's at Goldsmiths Uni in New Cross and if you hang around later, Dave Mckean will be giving an exclusive talk - I think there is a small fee to attend.

That's all for now. Come and see me and maybe I give you a free sketch (if you ask nicely)


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  1. These pages look amazing, great work soldier. Damn you technology!