Saturday, 5 June 2010

And relax...

Last week saw the the return of London's MCM event – two days of cosplay, comics, games and movie trailers. It's an exhausting event, especially if you've had to stay up til 2.45am to bind, print and pack your stuff, exhibit for 9 hours and repeat the next day. Having said that, I must add that it is a fantastic way to spend a weekend even tho it does start to feel like an endurance test by the second day.
There was a massive amount of people in attendence and to all those who did make their way to our table, I'd just like to say: Thanks : ) It's awesome to have your support! The highlight of these events is meeting all the wonderful people, fellow exhibitors and visitors alike. In fact, it is one of the very few places where you can see Predator having a friendly chat with Alien (I saw it, it was wrong).

I'll definately be there at the next MCM (end of October) and hopefully some of the other Capes & Drapers will be too. See you there!
x(that's my sister/assitant in these photos)

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